Welcome to UPLifted

where all are welcome. loved. moved to action.

Welcome to UPLifted!

A virtual hub for young adults to be uplifted by Christ and each other in community. 

College is an incredible season of life – a time to learn and unlearn, to explore and experience, to be courageous and vulnerable.  Life is better when we do all these things in the midst of community.

College/school’s been weird since 2020. We lament how Covid devastated many families, took too many lives and disrupted far too many plans and dreams.

UPLifted is designed to move us forward in faith and hope, to build relevant, inclusive community that is grounded in Jesus Christ for young people (ages 18 to 30+) – current college students, recent alumni, those waiting on the right time to begin college again. For more information visits upcam.org!

What to Expect

UPLifted (noun): a centerpoint for UPCaM Campus Ministries. 

A virtual spot where young people can connect with peers from their campus, nearby universities and our staff.  Discover ways to be grounded in Christ with in-person events and material found only online. Invite your friends to dive into a study with you or go solo. Explore connections based on interests and passions, and/or voice any question about faith, theology, and life. 

UPLifted Covenant

Thank you for being UPLifted.  We trust and expect God will uplift you here, so that you will be renewed and readied to lift up those around you!

First things first, you are welcome here in this community! New student, seasoned graduate, or somewhere in between, you are welcome here. You are welcome to ask for help, to teach, and to be your wonderful self.  

Here are the rules/guidelines for being a community together. 

  1. Be kind.  Thank you for speaking well of others who gather here as a community.  Another way to say this is: Build up, don't break down.  Offer feedback to another as long as it is constructive and helpful instead of being destructive and hurtful.  

  1. Be respectful.  This is a virtual space where UPCaM values all ethnicities, nationalities, races, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, and religious/spiritual traditions/denominations and socioeconomic statuses. If you see something inappropriate or potentially harmful, please contact a moderator about it.

3. This network is currently public. It’s discoverable on a search, sorta. As a member, you’re invited to invite other young adults to be part of this community